Tack & Togs Championships

A championship for all BD members...

At Sheepgate, we are delighted to hold our own Championship with fantastic prizes. This championships provides no prior qualification and even better, you are still allowed whips and commanders! 

24th – 27th May 2024

Classes to Enter

The schedule states which two classes at each level to enter over the two days to contest in the championship. Classes still individually run as normal BD classes.

Overall Placings

Once you have contested in the two classes at the relevant level, your scores are combined and the highest score takes the podium place...

Who can Enter

Everyone is welcome...
Championships placings will be calculated per section! Come and stay at Sheepgate for a few days and enjoy a relaxed, friendly championship.

Freestyle to Music Championship

Enter any two freestyle to music classes at the same level across the whole event to take part in the freestyle championship. If you enter more than two music classes at the same level, your two highest scores will go forward to the championship..

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